Emma Colburn, Jonathan Sanders and Raymond Esaias
West of Time: Futurist Readings of Time and S p a c e

First Thursday, November 3, 2016
Third Thursday, November 17, 2016
6:30 - 8:30PM

Someplace beyond or before the timepiece, consciousness exists. And this vast bliss beckons us like the peach gold of sunrise, or sunset - which is also sunrise, at the same time. Eventually the speed of spirals will break through straight lines. What spaces are we creating (specifically for young people) to walk in the full potential of a non-linear experience? This installation combines experimental video stream with live performance to expose the West: at once engine and empire, expedition and endpoint.

3 November 2016

A live-stream video projection backdrops original soundscapes to decode space-time trajectories embedded into migrations patterns within and towards Portland.

17 November 2016

Is the Future shaping the present, or vice versa? What does parenting the Future look like in a digital age? Will the era of President Obama, as a symbol of an emerging generation, redefine blackness to encompass full-spectrum family structures? Using the seminal text Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates, we will host a conversation between parents, educators, and artists to capture the timeless yet fleeting interim between a “present” and a “past” moment in US Presidential sequencing. Bring your favorite excerpt from the book and join us for discussion and dessert. All ages are welcome (even if you haven’t read the book!).

Emma Colburn is an artist founded in 1986 to explore the spaces between social art, urban geography, and property law. Using sculptural painting, digital technology, performance research, and migration patterns, Emma Colburn exposes systems that structure micro and macro cosmic realities while posing improvisational relationships to these ordering systems.

Jonathan Sanders is an MC, poet, and experimental sound artist who uses inspiration from aural, physical, and metaphysical environments to generate wellness through vibration.

Raymond Esaias learns and creates language simultaneously, documenting the development of public space by filming construction zones from a knee-high perspective.

The evolution of this work has been generously supported by a variety of exhibition platforms including Oregon State Capitol Building (Salem OR), Wright Museum of Art (Beloit WI), Counter-Biennale (Venice Italy), Disjecta Contemporary Art Center (Portland OR), and Village des Arts (Dakar Senegal), with funding institutions such as the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship Program, the Regional Arts and Culture Council, Portland State University, Beloit College, and the Wisconsin Arts Board.