Thursday, April 2nd, 2015, 6-9 pm
(One Night Only)

Show us your hits!

In a world of endlessly scrolling streams where articles are shared in a click-blink and references are the new currency, now is your chance to put your mouth where your mind is and bring your personal bibliography to life. Are you the Artaudian enfant terrible, the ever-subversive situationist, the rhizomatic free thinker? Are you a wild theory child full of poetry and high-low flow? Don’t just lip sync your lip service. Come, perform your theoretical knowledgeability lRL!


Bring someone's writing (try to keep it pop song length; we have aurally-induced time limits and millennial attention spans) and try to be the first to share it, if you dare it. OR, use one of the many texts we have on hand (What? We read.) and inject some spontaneity into your Theoryoke routine.

Pick a song to read it to/with/over. Basically, if you’ve seen it in a karaoke songbook, assume we can accommodate you.

Let’s get weird and wordy and melodic.

We’re also looking for BJs — that is, browser jockeys — to assist us with the visual component of the evening. Inquire within. Our space. That night.

See you there!


And for an extra boost right to the top of that ivory tower, we have a combined five years' worth of handouts and readers for your perusal.