Thursday, March 5th, 2015, 6-9 pm
(One Night Only)

An exploration of media and modalities,
potentials and horizons,
aesthetics and their limits.

Accelerationism and (Other) Bodies
A publication that considers the ways in which bodies generally excluded from the traditional historical narrative—non-white, hetero, male—experience the affects of capitalism. Created and edited by Carmen Denison, with contributions from Elizabeth Leon, Anastasia Tuazon, Kabrina Lott, Mars Dietz, Taryn Tomasello, Ged Caeneus, Madelyn Freeman, Eileen Isagon Skyers, Samantha Loren and Hayley Bauske.

Artists' Shared Magickal Respite / Allison Halter
"Hey how you doin' lil' mama, lemme whisper in ya ear, tell ya somethin' that you might like to hear."

Allison Halter is a conceptual artist interested in systems of power, in the acquisition and abdication of control. Her work spans performance, video/film, sound, writing, and photography. Halter’s projects have been exhibited and performed at dOCUMENTA(13) (DE), Titanik Galleria, (FI), MUU Performance Voyage (FI), Flux Factory (US), Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival (US), Artist’s Television Access (US), Experimental Film Festival Portland (US), Ditch Projects (US), d'CLINIC Studios (SI), Feminist Form (US), and the Citizen Jane Film Festival (US). She received her Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon.

CIMPA / Zoe Mcguire
CIMPA awaits you. CIMPA is a Computational Interface for Metempsychosis and Palingenesis Assistance, your personal guide to digital reincarnation.

Zoe Mcguire is an illustrator and indie game developer based in Portland, Oregon.

Containers / Katie Holden
Examining the nature of LCD screen environments as they relate to the documentation and cataloging of paintings, alluding to the suspension of gravity and immersion of .jpegs floating in a backlit retina display domain.

Katie Holden works with a wide range of materials to investigate the overlap of digital space and natural place as it relates to painting. She holds a BFA from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and is a current MFA Candidate at Portland State University for Contemporary Art Practice.

Scorpion Warrior with live visuals by Megan McKissack

Scorpion Warrior is the ongoing project of Gitana LaBamba, an ascended manifestation of unconditional love and vocalist/instrumentalist/performer/curator/poet who brings to this world the gifts of theirs.

Megan McKissack is a video and projection artist inspired by esoteric ritual and imperfection. She merges art and technology with analog influences and works to build reciprocal and intuitive relationships with musicians through live visual performance.