Chloe Alexandra Thompson: pointless and happy
First Thursday July 7, 2016
6 - 9PM

indulgence announcing: say carried compacts conducting correctly in quitting ecstatic notions

indulgence conviction: particular insatiable boisterous discretions

as always polite moments are warmth to the spirit in our hearts

arrival was counted and entered in a drawing request

we naturally conduct gravity if pointed, oh no

a hope of the body

pointless and happy is a new body of work by Chloe Alexandra Thompson. Exploring intersections of identity, worth, and place of being through blunt sculptural forms and literary work, Thompson uses reflection found in heavy forms as a mode of play. Her cast concrete pieces mirror obstructions, explore forms of access, including rejection or denial of it, and act as artifacts of personal history.

Chloe Alexandra Thompson is a Cree, Canadian artist and curator living in Portland, Oregon. Her artistic practice involves unearthing alternative realities through mis-represented mediums and publication work.
Thompson’s curatorial practice is focused around commissioning new work by domestic and international emerging artists in the form of site-specific installations and projects which straddle existing genres.
In addition she organizes performances, music, and dialogue, which have manifested in / as nomadic project spaces, above ground venues, and galleries.