Porpentine//Neotenomie//Sloane: PSYCHO NYMPH EXILE
Thursday, April 7, 2016
6 - 9PM
Gallery Hours April 8 - 30
Saturday + Sunday 12 - 5PM

PSYCHO NYMPH EXILE is a novella + multimedia collection by
Porpentine Charity Heartscape, feat. Neotenomie and Sloane, commissioned by Rhizome, that tells the story of two fucked-up women (a disgraced biomech pilot and an ex-magical girl) surviving and being gay as shit in a post-anime gurowave city where trauma is a color-coded resource and state IDs are tarot decks generated from your psyche.

This exhibit centers around Probiotic River Therapy, a 3D poem, and PSYCHO NYMPH EXILE, the novella. It also features cover art by Sloane and the iconic Triple Iris eye logo by Neotenomie and Porpentine.

PSYCHO NYMPH EXILE is a 157 page PDF written in fragment form; the window of attention allowed by brain damage. These vignettes are collected in chapters, striking at the truth of a character or phenomena from many angles, like broken glass penetrating skin. Layout by Neotenomie.

Probiotic River Therapy is a 3D poem exploring a probiotically-induced therapy vision experienced by the disgraced biomech pilot as she lies on the floor of her apartment. It is a collaboration between Neotenomie (visuals, programming) and Porpentine (writing, concept).

Porpentine Charity Heartscape is a new media artist, writer, curator, and game designer. She has been influential in the contemporary hypertext renaissance, and in popularizing the accessible game design software called Twine. Her games have won the XYZZY, WordPlay, and Indiecade awards, been commissioned by Rhizome, Vice, and the New Inquiry, been exhibited at EMP Museum, Images Festival, Haxan, and The Museum of the Moving Image, and she has been profiled by The New York Times. Selected works include PSYCHO NYMPH EXILE, Howling Dogs, With Those We Love Alive, and Vesp: A History of Sapphic Scaphism.

Neotenomie is a composer, graphic artist, and game designer. Her works include PSYCHO NYMPH EXILE, Bellular Hexatosis, and the OST for With Those We Love Alive.

Sloane is a Latina Polynesian cartoonist and writer with a strong love for storytelling and exploring marginalized human experiences. She currently works out of Portland, OR.