Comply and Divide: A Study in Action
Art, Information and Outreach CONTINUES one night only, July 2, 6-9pm

Featuring work by:
Angela Saenz
Cameron Hawkey
Casey Egner
Jason Riggen
Lynsea Coy
Mary Weisenburger
Seth Nehil
And musical guest, "Bamboo and the Sad Bananas"

"We, the PNCA Action Coalition, are an autonomous group of students concerned with the current practices and trajectory of the Pacific Northwest College of Art. The Spring 2015 semester has fostered a critical mass of student engagement at an institution that, by its very nature, is funded by them and exists for their benefit. Based on hundreds of counts of dissatisfaction from the student body, overwhelming levels of solidarity on behalf of our staff and faculty, and dialog with many dozens from our internal community, we have developed a show that expresses these concerns."

The PAC has been in residence at Compliance Division during the month of June.