Min Jung: The last time, and the last time, and the last time.
First Thursday March 3, 2016
6 - 9PM

How did you lose your innocence and when did it go? Was it given? Was it taken? Was it lost?

And when did you know?

Through euphemism and humor we simultaneously mask our sexual knowledge and allude back to an innocent place and time. As long as we’re all in on the joke, it can be a tool, or a toy, for finding connection amid shared shame and anxiety. We play through the awkwardness. We cross thresholds with ourselves and with each other.

Min Jung is a mixed media artist who was born in Seoul, South Korea, and currently lives in Portland, Oregon. Min creates sculptures that utilize humor, body casting, and found objects, in order to investigate the collision between traditional Korean culture and Western influence surrounding ideas of eroticism and taboo. Her work explores the confusion and contradictions that she continues to face, as part of a young generation of Koreans who are situated somewhere between traditional Korean culture and Western values. She earned her BFA in sculpture from Kookmin University, Seoul, South Korea and a MFA in Visual Studies from Pacific Northwest College of Art.