Winslow Laroche: Gold Eyeglasses
Sunday, September 4, 2016

Presented by home school

The story goes that Coco Fusco used to be the head of art department for only one semester at Parsons. Coco always made someone cry when going around for studio visits. Rightfully so and Coco tried to fire a bunch of teachers through an email, not in person. In the spirit of those gestures and Reddit’s AMAs, viewers may ask me anything* involving the visual arts.** Viewers may also provide pieces or bodies of work for me to ‘blind’ crit, meaning no time to prep a filter. Fair warning, I will not crit certain Black artists because it is not my right. Any work made by a nonBlack artist is on the table though. If you have any questions or bodies of work you would like to submit before the talk, please email them to*** The short lecture before discussion will be about the everlasting pendulum driving the Western art world and quitting the art world to pursue being a post­art artist.

*I will not answer every question because some of y’all are antiBlack, check yourself before asking

**I’m not a dancer like that, for example or say I don’t know enough about opera to give a fair crit

***Submissions only valid until 12:00PM EST the day of the talk. A PDF of the questions will be posted on the event page right after.

Winslow Laroche is a multidisciplinary artist born on the planet Earth.