First Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sabina Haque//The BlueSky Committee

Remembrance is a stop-motion-animated installation and video performance by Sabina Haque that bears witness to the emotional and material destruction wrought by the US military’s drone warfare carried out in eight countries, including the artist's native Pakistan. The installation invites the viewers to situate themselves between the comfort and the combat zones, and through their collective experience, the participants examine ways in which they might reconcile these divergent realities. Remembrance documents the accrual of tally marks and the dates relate to a moment in time, a day remembered, a person lost to us. It was funded in part by an Oregon Arts Commission Fellowship and a Portland State University professional development grant.

Drone Alert Sutras is a collaborative project of the BlueSky Committee (BSC). The process is simple: an alert (via the Metadata+ app, the Ephemeral app*, or @dronestream) of a US drone attack somewhere in the world generates a prompt, which is sent (via email) to the other participants. The prompt always includes a seven-minute meditation on the alert, and then each participant is asked to create a one-minute video (using the 8mm app or whatever app you prefer) on a specific theme. All the videos are then uploaded to Vimeo as a living archive of a collective response to state-sanctioned violence.

Sabina Haque is an artist of South Asian descent raised in Karachi by her American mother and Pakistani father. In 2015, Haque was a TEDxPortland speaker and TEDx artist-in-residence and awarded the 2014 Oregon Art Commission Individual Artist Fellowship. Noteworthy exhibits include solo and group shows at Avampato Museum of Art, Virginia, Bowery Gallery in New York, the Boston Contemporary Art Center, the Los Angeles Arts and Cultural Center, the South Asian Visual Arts Center, in Toronto, Canada and Koel Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

The BlueSky Committee (BSC) was founded in 2014 by Nick Flynn and Sarah Sentilles as a daily practice.

*Metadata was recently pulled from the IOS App Store for "excessively crude and objectionable content", and Ephemeral, the Metadata backup app, seems likewise unavailable in the App Store at this time. Metadata is available for free download on Android devices via the Google Play Store.