black apotrope #1
Jamondria Marnice Harris
manuel arturo abreu

23 Jun - 1 Jul 2017

from name paper 2 (2016) by Jamondria Marnice Harris

The first installment of an anthology of black queer processes and tendencies curated and co-facilitated by Jamondria Marnice Harris and manuel arturo abreu.

The apotrope — the magical object, process, or context which wards off evil.

black apotrope is a multi-media assemblage gathering writing, visual work, performance, and sound across a physical publication of text and visual work, an online presence, and periodic public events in Portland metro. The anthology merges the urgency of black queer expression, the necessity of radical work within the public gaze, and the refusal to conform to white criteria of visibility or legibility for capital access.

Alongside the installation, black apotrope #1 will also feature two sound events: one for the opening reception, and one for the closing reception.

Jamondria Marnice Harris is a poet & artist living in Portland. They use words, sounds, wires, instruments, textiles & what falls into their hands to engage with blackness, desire, decolonization, fairy tales, femme supremacy, & body horror. They are a VONA Workshop Fellow, among other things. Their music can be found at

manuel arturo abreu (b. 1991, Santo Domingo) is a poet and artist from the Bronx. Currently living and working in a garage in southeast Portland, they received their BA in Linguistics from Reed College in 2014. They have shown with PNCA (Portland), Institute of New Connotative Action (Seattle), AA|LA Gallery (LA), As It Stands (LA), Compliance Division (Portland), et al. They have published with Rhizome, the New Inquiry, Open Space, AQNB, et al. They are the author of List of Consonants (Bottlecap Press, 2015) and transtrender (Quimérica Books, 2016). They co-run home school, a free pop-up art school in Portland.