BCC:Brownhall in residence at Compliance Division
Opening Night: First Thursday, August 6, 2015, 6-9pm
Performance at 7pm and Every Thursday in August

Andre Middleton: Rhythm and Motion (video installation)
Film and video have always appealed to the mathematician in me. Calculating f-stops and time-code editing has been a salve to soothe many a frantic evening. This current work exemplifies the combination of my two passions: editing and motorcycle riding. By recording my daily commute, it was my aspiration to edit together a month's worth of travel into one 15-minute loop.

Analise Cleopatra and James Sneed: Do Bad Things

Bre Gipson: New Nature
My work explores the overlap of the imaginary [worlds] and reality.
I am influenced by the blurry lines between history, myth, science fiction and innovation. Drawing from organic forms, natural landscapes, sea and sky, I am interested in the transformation of space and materials, and in transcending the ordinary and mundane.

Brian W. Parker: Forever Jazz, Nobility, Nubian Fairy, Bosco, Uriel
The driving force behind my work is one statement: BELIEVE IN WONDER. I think that BELIEVE IN WONDER is more than just a hash tag or tagline – it's a call to action. Sometimes circumstances seek to replace our wonder with stark realities and cold hard facts, and it becomes vital to champion imagination. I love the quote by Socrates, "Wonder is the beginnings of wisdom." I hold this truth close to my heart, and my work is focused on promoting wonder in the everyday.

Carolyn Anderson: I do see color (I See Red, A Good Mood, Spiritual and Cultural Traditions, Reminisce)
Carolyn Anderson is a low-vision photographer who experiences significant visual difficulties. Her work is a reflection of her determination to record the world around her the way she perceives it – sometimes unfocused, but still compelling. She loves color and the elegance of simplicity.

Elijah Hasan: Catching My Eye
One of my favorite pastimes is exploring diverse terrains with my finger on the shutter. These selections are a few examples of some of my most prized catches.

Jamondria Harris, Imani Scott, Eric Fury, Black Lives Matter Pdx, with more TBA:
holy & broken & rising: black bodies beyond anti-blackness

A living installation/altar in remembrance of black bodies lost to the violence of white supremacy and a space for rage, love, healing and visions of a world unmired in anti-black violence for black bodies by black bodies. Featuring interventions and engagements throughout the month of August. Offerings of tall white votive candles and flowers encouraged.

Black Creative Collective:Brownhall is comprised of Black artists and creatives that produce interdisciplinary art programming to address the dearth of Black art and creative spaces in Portland. We work with institutions, non-profits and both traditional and alternative art spaces to make visible Black artists’ work, while engaging the public at large in issues of race, equity, and shared space, providing a chance to celebrate, interact, experiment, and share resources. We seek to engage diverse audiences to honor the intersectionality of interests and histories within our own communities. We also seek to support each other as individual artists and creatives with unique experiences and practices.

BCC:Brownhall is supported by the Precipice Fund, The Calligram Foundation/Allie Furlotti, and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts