Wednesday, October 21, 2015:

Cellular Cinema Presents: Arboreality
With a special performance of "Easterfest" by HIJACK

A live performance and a screening of short experimental films.

Doors @ 7pm // Projector starts @ 7:30pm // Suggested $5-7 goes directly to the programmers and performers // Limited quantities of complimentary seltzer and popcorn available // Please bring your own booze

HIJACK photo by Chris Cameron.

Arboreality is curated by Kevin Obsatz (who will be in attendance) and includes work by Laska Jimsen, Trevor Adams & Mike Hallenbeck, Peter Nelson, Tyler Lauer, John Marks, Kevin Obsatz, John Akre, Dan Schneidkraut, Xavier Tavera and Alan Gerlach. 

Easterfest is a commute/pilgrimage to a fountain in Florida. Arwen, Kristin, and Margit approach Easterfest with last night's lampshades still on their heads. Like good dance soldiers, they execute their respective cinemas. All in-camera edits. And all spontaneity. Science? Magic? Or hogwash? We are diviners tapping the ground for water. We are blindfolded fine chefs. The sweet unknown of this dance is as precarious as flower petals, as nebulous as communication.
How did we get here you ask? This is the Aftermath of Lisa Nelson. HIJACK head-on confronting the influence of this most elegant choreographer. The dazzling inspiration of her Tuning Scores. The daunt of what to make in the wake of her exquisite example. "Easterfest" is a baby choreography with Oakland luminary Margit Galanter. It is both totally choreographed and totally improvised.
The development of HIJACK's Aftermath was made possible, in part, by the Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography at Florida State University and the Mark Morris Dance Group Subsidized Studio Rental Program.

HIJACK is the choreographic collaboration of Kristin Van Loon & Arwen Wilder. Van Loon & Wilder each grew up in Chicago, met at Colorado College, and established their collaboration in Minneapolis in 1993.
HIJACK is best known for “short-shorts”: pop song-length miniatures designed to deliver a sharp shock and collaborations with po-mo hero Scott Heron. HIJACK actively questions where and for whom dance is performed by choosing unconventional venues and projects. Specializing in the inappropriate, they toy with audiences’ expectations through their interpretation of venue. They perform each HIJACK dance in both social and theatrical spaces. Pieces bear the imprints of the places they’ve been.
HIJACK has taught and performed in New York (at DTW, PS122, HERE ArtCenter, Catch/Movement Research Festival, La Mama, Dixon Place, Chocolate Factory, Brooklyn Studios for Dance), Japan, Russia, Central America, Ottawa, Chicago, Colorado, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Francisco, Iowa, at Bates Festival and three times at Fuse Box Festival in Austin Texas.
HIJACK teaches Composition/Improvisation at the University of Minnesota, Colorado College, and St. Olaf College as well as a weekly Contact Improvisation class at Zenon in Minneapolis for 15 years. HIJACK co-curates/hosts Future Interstates, a dance improvisation performance series at Cowles Center.
In 2013, Walker Art Center celebrated the 20th anniversary of HIJACK by commissioning the full-evening work "redundant, ready, reading, radish, Red Eye". In 2014, Contact Quarterly published the chapbook "Passing For Dance — a HIJACK reader". In spring 2015, HIJACK enjoyed their second MANCC residency for which they designed a laboratory with Lisa Nelson to bounce their own choreographic strategies off of her Tuning Scores. They call the body of work — trios made in the wake of that laboratory —"Aftermath".